Handcrafted by Heather


Handcrafted Cards, Custom Made Clothing

Welcome! Offerings on this site are Capes/Cloaks in Linen and other fabrics. Handmade and Custom Made Clothing. To see my portfolio pieces: >Shop, >Portfolio

Events for 2022:

Private events at Circle Sanctuary, WI

IA Renaissance Faire/Spring Fling, Des Moines, IA

Teslacon 12, Middleton, WI

Handcrafted by Heather


I was in Paris with my mother. We were talking about how I was sewing on the side (during grad school) and that I could make a button down shirt in 5 hours. We thought I should create a "name" for my business and seeing a nearby jean jacket on a chair with the work "Passion". Thus Passion Studios was created, "Because your passions are important", in the late 1990s. In 2021 launching a real website I decided the name needed to change. I create all the clothing and items on this site. I have been sewing for festival vending intermittently for 20+ years. I have a MFA in Theatre, Costume Technology and Design. Enjoy and Welcome.


+1 (608) 509-5810

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