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Custom Made Capes

Discover Custom Made Capes

People interested in finding unique custom made capes can get the services they want from Handcrafted by Heather. I'm a professional designer with the passion and insight to deliver an exceptionally made product that will stand up to wear and provide an air of elegance and mystery to the wearer. Whether the cape is for special occasions, daily wear, or theatrical products, I can work with customers to ensure they get a high-quality product made with care and attention to detail. I provide individuals with incredible pieces that accentuate their style and offer them a look that works for their needs. To learn more about my store or me, please browse through the "About" section of the website and be sure to browse for the handmade capes already for sale. For questions about a custom order or the get assistance with a purchase, please reach out to me directly, and I will be happy to provide assistance.

I specialize in creating handmade capes that are made with skill using the highest quality materials. My artistry is visible in each item I design for a customer. My goal is to provide them with service producing a cape they will be proud to wear for special occasions or add some mystery and style to their wardrobe. Each item is made with close attention to details and is meant to bring the customer's vision to reality. Please take time to browse through the Handmade by Heather website and visit the "About" tab to learn more about my experience and background. Don't forget to check out the pre-made capes I have for sale and inquire about any custom orders. When customers need a handmade cape that turns heads and makes them feel special, they turn to me to get their desired results.

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